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The Heroes of Flight 93

in memory of all of the victims of the tragedies of September 11, 2001

Words and music copyright 2001 by Blake Hodgetts

On September 11th, 2001
Four missiles of war flew from out of the sun
Flights 11, 175, 77, they all met their dark destiny
But things were quite different on flight 93

They took off from Newark at quarter to nine
And forty-five souls had their lives on the line
Their beverage service had hardly begun when that flight went awry suddenly
As terrorists took over flight 93

They murdered the pilots, who struggled in vain
They herded the rest to the rear of the plane
And then on the intercom, claiming they had a bomb, they said, "Just sit quietly.
We're in control here on flight 93."

Young Jeremy Glick quickly phoned up his wife
They'd hijacked the plane and he feared for his life.
She told him the news of the morning, of deadly explosions of flame and debris;
He said "That can't happen to flight 93."

Now Thomas Burnett had a cell phone as well
He called his wife Deena with bad news to tell
They'd murdered a passenger, and it appeared San Francisco he never would see...
"We've got to do something," on flight 93.

With Jerry, and Tom, and Mark Bingham, and more
The passengers voted to even the score
What happened exactly we never will know, but somehow they ended that spree:
They thwarted the terror of flight 93.

The plane lost control--maybe that's what they'd planned,
or maybe they won, but knew not how to land.
Whatever the reason, the plane crashed near Shanksville and never got close to D.C.
All thanks to the heroes of flight 93.

Now some heroes glitter with medals of war
And some heroes go where no man's gone before
And some heroes just tell their wives that they love them, then fight for the right to be free
And those were the heroes of flight 93.