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If I Made a Wish

Music and lyrics copyright ©2003 by Blake Hodgetts

A shameless attempt to get a message across. Still looking for the right person to get it across to.


If I made a wish,
I might wish for the power to fly through the air like a bird.
Aloft I could soar,
Fulfilling the dream of the ages at last if I'd just say the word.
But it's bound to get chilly up there in the sky;
In the winter it rains quite a lot;
And you can't really ferry your groceries on high,
And there's also the risk I'd be spotted and aimed at and shot,
If that wish came true.

If I made a wish,
I might wish to be rich, with a trillion dollars to spare.
The world at my feet,
I'd have every comfort I wanted, just think of the wealth I could share.
But they say money cannot buy happiness, though
it's not easy to think of a hitch.
And the feds might mistrust how I got all that dough,
And the banks might assume their accounting had some kind of glitch,
If that wish came true.

If I made a wish,
I might wish to have invisibility at my command.
A spirit unseen,
I'd learn people's secrets and work as a spy for the good of the land!
But surveillance, though it has its glamour and all,
I'm not sure I'd enjoy it that much,
As for sneaking in locker-rooms, that soon would pall--
Tell me, what sort of fun is that: look all you want, but don't touch?
...If that wish came true.

If I made a wish,
I might wish for the power to travel with freedom through time.
Exploring the past,
Exploring the future, to see where we've been and the ladder we'll climb.
But to go back in time is a risky pursuit,
For I might contract smallpox or plague,
And the path of the Earth is a task to compute --
I might wind up in space if the terms of my wish are too vague,
If that wish came true

All of these wishes may seem very nice,
But each has some aspects that make me think twice.
If wishes were horses then beggars would ride,
But if wishes are wishes then I must look deeper inside.

So if I made a wish,
I'd wish for a soulmate, to love and be loved every day,
A partner in life
Who shares in my passions, who honors our work and who knows how to play.
And it may sound pathetic or born of despair
Just to hope for some heartfelt romance,
But I know that there must be somebody out there,
For unlike the others, this wish is a wish with a chance
Someday to come true.