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Music and lyrics copyright ©2004 by Blake Hodgetts

The emotions expressed in this song are set at the point in Lord of the Rings
where Aragorn and Arwen are parting for what, they believe, may be the last time --
he leaving for war against Sauron, and she to sail to safety in the Western Lands.
"Namarië" is Quenya for "Farewell".

for vixy

The winds are sweeping over Rivendell;
The end of all the ages is at hand.
Darkness falls upon the land,
and the woods are still,
And if I were there I'd hold you--
I would share my fears with you by night...
But that's a fading scene now.
Not even wizards know what time may bring,
and hope may yet be comfort on our way.
Knowing you're alive today,
though the loss may sting,
is the faith that will sustain me,
and until I die will I remain
your partner always.

You must go on;
You'll be my star.
I'll dream that I am with you
and hold you from afar.
While you go on,
alive is my dream.
We cannot make our lives be
what we both might wish they'd be.

Ah time, old friend, you are no friend to me.
What use the endless ages of eternity?
Upon my life, if I should not flee,
If I could hold you here forever, here with me
That brief forever would suffice me.
My heart lies open, like a shattered shell;
It has scant hope of comfort after Rivendell.
Alive in pain, knowing love no more,
a fading stain upon my mem'ry: to the core
I shall regret this parting always.

I must go on,
but in my heart
be my star.
I'll dream that I
am with you from afar;
I'll never leave you.
I must go on,
but all my life,
still the dream
will make me whole.
May all your days be
what we both might wish they'd be.

(The two singers' parts are then sung simultaneously.)