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Night Shift

Music and lyrics copyright ©2003 by Blake Hodgetts

Written for the songwriting contest for OVFF in 2003. The theme was "Once in a blue moon".
The judges awarded this song first place in the contest.


There comes a day,
I'm visiting a backwoods town beside a lake,
hear tell of something rare:
the locals say
that there's a lady all in blue who has been known to take
the air,
but she appears out of nowhere,
then fades away...

There's more to hear:
It seems there are conditions on her manifest,
and rules that have divined
when she'll appear;
and many men who have been drawn here as if on a quest
to find her,
but they learn they cannot bind her,
and she's gone
before the bead of dawn.

Once in a blue moon:
that's when she's seen abroad,
and who'd have thought
a chance would bring me there when it was beaming bright?
Once in a blue moon--
my heart's been stolen from me;
it's become my
dearest wish to turn the moon blue every night.

That eve I stand
and watch the sky with wonder at the moon aglow
in hues of azure fair.
Upon the land
a mist of melting violets glistens like fresh-fallen snow.
I stare,
and just a moment later there
appears her hand.

She's dressed in blue,
and turns her eyes upon me like a thing possessed.
The air is still, and then
she says, "For you
I'd tarry here, but be it known, fair man, I cannot rest,
for when
the moon has lost its hue again
and turned to grey,
Then no more can I stay."

Once in a blue moon,
She walks beside the waters,
And it's not as
Strange as you might think to fall at love's first sight.
Once in a blue moon--
but now look what I'm brought to:
I have got to
find a way to turn the moon blue every night.

I guess I ought to mention here,
I am a starship's engineer,
and thorny problems never leave me dazed.
With just a bit of concentration,
and inventive adaptation,
I can solve this lunar puzzle, facing it unfazed.

So by the lake,
An Einstein-Rosen bridge I learn to generate
within a spheric field,
and then I make
an artificial zone of gravity to compensate
and shield,
and time-dilation is the yield,
for twice as slow
the hours within will go.

Once in a blue moon:
though it was unexpected,
I've bisected
every wavelength there within that hastened light.
Once in a blue moon,
she comes to me thereafter,
and our laughter
echoes 'neath the moon blue-shifted every night.