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The Return of the Philosopher's Slayer

ttto "Copacabana", by Barry Manilow
Words copyright ©2003 by Blake Hodgetts

This grew out of a mental collision of two discussions on rmf.


Her name was Buffy;
She was a slayer,
   Protecting everyone from harm--
   Gee, it's a shame about her arm.
A Rancor ate it
When she was stranded
   Inside a cave on Tatooine,
   Which wasn't where she should have been,
'Cause Weasley's spell went wrong.
The Force in her is strong;
So she'll fly a broom to Sunnydale because this song
Is a fanfic,
Crossover fanfic.
It's driving the purist fen frantic.
Yes, it's a fanfic, crossover fanfic...
  Fantasy, sf,
  We'll make a real mess of
In this fanfic....

His name was Harry;
He went to Hogwarts.
   Transported next door to the Bronze,
   They learn to stake vamps with their wands.
Then he met Willow:
She was a Jedi.
   Her saber kept young Potter awed
   While she checked spells on her iPod.
Will gave his wand a twirl,
Resolved to rock his world.
And now Hermione agrees he makes a real cute girl
in this fanfic,
Crossover fanfic.
It's not for the timid or xanthic,
Cause it's a fanfic, crossover fanfic,
   Mixing the genres
   Till you go bananres
In this fanfic....
they fell in love.

Her name was Padmé;
She had Potential,
   But she got bitten when she stopped
   Into a Knockturn Alley shop.
When Buffy found her
In Jabba's dungeon,
   The poison had gone to her brain:
   She had poor Xander on a chain,
So Buff got Dumbledore
Decorum to restore,
But then Xander shook him off and headed back for more
In this fanfic,
Crossover fanfic.
It's gothic and cosmic and tantric.
Yes, it's a fanfic, crossover fanfic
   Mixing the univ-
   erses to the tune of
endless fanfic....
They'll fall in love....