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Talkin' Tolkien

ttto "Talkin' Baseball" by Terry Cashman
Parody lyrics copyright ©2004 by Blake Hodgetts

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Well, Gandalf got it started,
Knew hobbits were stout-hearted,
Although their way of life was quite reserved.
From duty Sam and Frodo never swerved,
And in the old Sauron got what he deserved.

We're talkin' Tolkien,
From Bree to Minas Tirith.
Talkin' Tolkien,
Fangorn to Osgiliath.
Samwise stabbing Shelob using Sting;
Aragorn, returning as the King;
We're talkin' Frodo, Gollum and the Ring.

Now Legolas and Gimli,
They went to battle grimly,
While Faramir was placed upon a pyre.
Merry and Pippin risked their lives to save the Shire,
And Frodo brought the One back to its forging fire.

We're talkin' Tolkien,
From Weathertop to Tookland
Talkin' Tolkien,
From Isengard to Buckland
Bloody swords and axes clang and cling;
Gandalf making heads roll with Glamdring;
We're talkin' Frodo, Gollum and the Ring.